Thursday, October 15, 2015

Days of the Week

4 years - Adult XXL
700-2000yds Worsted weight yarn
Casual Wednesday
6 years - Adult XXL
690-1750 yds Worsted weight yarn
Thursday Special
5 years - Adult XXL
500-1800 yds Worsted weight yarn

and on Friday
4 years - Adult XXL
455-1980 yds Worsted weight yarn
Tuesday Glam
one size
750-760 yds DK weight yarn
Busy Monday
one size
645-660 yds Sports weight yarn

and on Friday
4 years - Adult XXL
455-1980 yds Worsted weight yarn

Absolutely Fabulous
one size
450-460 yds DK weight yarn

Sunday Stroll
Small & Large
525-620 yds Worsted weight yarn


Note: These patterns are also available individually by visiting clicking on the pattern name above.

Almost a year ago Alex Tinsley and I talked about an ebook project using Malabrigo yarns. It was a very exciting prospect for me. Not only do I like knitting with Malabrigo yarns, but I also like designing with Malabrigo yarns as they bring out that extra creativity in me. The beautiful range of colors and the uniqueness of each dye lot all add to the creative process.

It was not very hard for me to create a theme for the ebook. I wanted to create unique pieces that are in tune with current fashion, something that I would myself wear every day, something I cannot buy at the store. Thus the idea of “Days of the Week” ebook came to mind, as in 7 days of the week, with an item of unique knitwear for each day.

Assigning designs for each day of the week was not a random process for me. Each design and day had a special meaning. Though I must say what gives me a “Thursday” vibe might say “Saturday” for you, or the other way around. I hope you will find this collection exciting and will associate each design with your favorite day of the week, just as I do.

Days of the Week collection offers a good mix of practical accessories and modern garments as well as the possibility of working with and mixing together your favorite Malabrigo colors. The collection has something for everyone, be it a beginner knitter or a very seasoned one.

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