Cottage Licensing

This page will cover the Copyright and all the things that come with it. Even though a lot of my patterns are currently offered for free, it doesn't mean that you can use them freely in any way you like; the copyright applies equally to all my patterns.

What is the copyright?

In the simplest terms, "copyright" means "the right to copy." In general, only the copyright owner, often the creator of the work, is allowed to produce or reproduce the work or to permit anyone else to do so. In Canada copyright exists automatically when an original work is created.

The general rule is that copyright lasts for the life of the author, the remainder of the calendar year in which the author dies, and for 50 years following the end of the calendar year.

Copyright in a work may be assigned or licensed to others. All assignments and licenses of copyright must be in writing to be valid. The mere transfer of physical possession of a work does not thereby include an assignment of copyright in the work. 


Please respect my designer rights. I am providing my patterns for personal home use only. You may make  garments as gifts or donations to charities and fundraisers. I am not prohibiting selling products made from my patterns, however you do need to obtain my express permission and/or a cottage license. The copyright of all my pattern will always remain with me. Distributing any of my patterns in any manner is prohibited under the copyright.

Cottage License

Thanks for your interest in Cottage Industry Licensing.  I hope the information on this page will answer all your questions about the requirements, process, and fees. 

What is a cottage license?

A Cottage Industry License grants a single individual legal permission to create and sell for profit items made from patterns designed and self-published by me, Elena Nodel. If you are knitting for charities or donations, you do not need to obtain a license from me.

To better connect Licensed Knitters with potential customers, their website and/or contact information are directly linked from this site under the tab "COTTAGE LICENSE HOLDERS". I personally review each licensee and only provide links to skilled knitters who have shown high quality craftsmanship.

Cottage licenses are available for select patterns for a small fee. Each license grants a right to knit and sell the hand made garments, and each license comes with my written permission to do so.

The license is available for a small scale production only, and is not eligible or applicable for large scale industrial production. For industrial production, please inquire via personal message.


Each individual license is available for $40 CAD and grants permission to use all my free knitting patterns; this is one time lifetime fee.

This license gives you permission to knit from my patterns and sell garments you made.
The patterns themselves are never to be put for sale. This will violate the copyright.

I do require to have a website info where you will be selling the garments.


Paid patterns are available for regular price listed for home use only. However, seller (cottage license) patterns are also available upon request.

I do allow to sell 2-3 garments made from each pattern without buying the license.

If you would like to be licensed for paid patterns, you will need to buy the patterns and pay the licensing fee. The fees are as follows:

Collection of Stand Alone designs - $40 CAD
This option allows you to chose several stand alone designs or designs from several ebooks, up to 10 designs.

Each individual ebook - $20 CAD

All paid patterns - $50 CAD

These fees are one time lifetime fees.

The patterns themselves are never for a resale. This will violate the copyright.

I also require the website info for this license as well.

In order for the BOTH LICENSES to be valid you need my written permission. The permission comes with invoice or via an email message.