Saturday, January 16, 2016


Cloud Sock - Vampire Gradient - Colour Adventures (fibers: merino, cashmere, nylon)
Vampire Gradient on Cloud Sock
Silky Merino Light - Potpourri Gradient - Colour Adventures (fibers: merino, silk)
Potpourri on Silky Merino Light
Dia Worsted -Sherwood Gradient - Colour Adventures (fibers: superwash merino)Sherwood Gradient on Dia Worsted
Exquisite Sport- Film Noir Gradient- Colour Adventures (fibers: superwash merino, cashmere, silk)Film Noir on Exquisite Sport

Hunting Lodge on Cloud Sock

Girly Fun Sock - Warmth Gradient- Colour Adventures (fibers: superwash merino, nylon, stellina)Warmth Gradient on Girly Fun Sock

Cloud Sock - Green Pastures gradient - Colour Adventures (fibers: merino, cashmere, nylon)Green Pastures on Cloud Sock

Pinktastic to Opulent Gradient on Cloud Sock

Sporty - Valentino Gradient - Colour Adventures (fibers: superwash merino)Valentino Gradient on Sporty

Merino Light - Spring Gradient - Colour Adventures (fibers: superwash merino)Spring Gradient on Merino Light

Mohair Lace - Jasmine Gradient - Colour Adventures (fibers: mohair, nylon)Jasmine Gradient on Mohair Lace

Blue Topaz Gradient on Merino Light

We have been busy playing with our dye-pots and making sets of yarn in gradients of various colorways.  The above pics are a small selection of what is possible.  

These sets are ideal for shawls, and any other items where you would like an extra splash of color - the color changes could even be the main design feature in your item.

As always custom orders are welcome, and as usual they are at the same cost as 'in stock' yarns!


  1. It's beautiful! I love blue topaz gradient and spring and Valentino and pinktastic... all are gorgeous!

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