Saturday, December 14, 2013

Knitting For Pleasure!

Pattern: Parantheses by Justyna Lorowska
Yarn: Sunlit by Colour Adventures

Pattern: Carousel by Georgie Hallam
Yarn: Lemon by Colour Adventures

Pattern: Alessa Hat by Sylvi Design
Yarn: Blossoms by Colour Adventures

Every now and again Elena finds the time to knit using patterns designed by some of her designer friends on Ravelry.  Elena enjoys being able to relax and create something useful and beautiful without the added pressure of writing a grading the pattern.  Since she launched Colour Adventures yarn brand her knitting time has been even more precious, but now the experience is even more pleasurable because now she can use her own hand-dyed yarn to knit those items.
The photos above show some of her recent projects, the patterns are:


Jan has been quieter than usual the past couple of months because she decided to write up the patterns for some designs that had been floating around in her head for the last two years.  Together these patterns are called Simnia Layette and are suitable for babies up to about 12 months old.  All of the samples in the pattern use Colour Adventures yarns.

See Ravelry for full details: Simnia Layette
Simnia Layette
£4.50 GBP

Simnia Accessories by Jan Cullen
Yarn: Seafoam & Lavanda by Colour Adventures

Simnia Cardigan by Jan Cullen
Yarn: Lavanda by Colour Adventures

Simnia Hats by Jan Cullen
Yarn: Sour Cherry & Rainy Day; Lavanda; Glacier

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