Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Time To Knit

By the Seashore
Pattern: Valerie Morris

Pattern: Monika Sirna

Pattern: Rachel Evans

You might think what with me being a knitting pattern designer that I would only ever knit my own patterns. 
One of my favorite ways to relax is by knitting patterns from other designers, then I can truly focus on knitting for the simple pleasure of knitting.  I feel very privileged to be surrounded by like minded crafty people through Ravelry, my blog and other forums.  

I love using good quality yarns, and creating unique, useful and beautiful items for myself, family and friends.  The projects above are ones that I recently completed for my daughter (click the images for more details).  My next self indulgent project will be Goldilocks, again for Maya and then some warm sweaters for the winter for my new nephew.

I am also slowly working on Color Affection Shawl, my third one, and this time for me! I am using beautiful fall colors (Rust, Green Spice, and Diva) and am planning to get a lot of wear out of it this fall.

Another project that is slowly shaping itself a few rows at the time is Foxy Loop, also my third time knitting this pattern and also for me to keep this time.

So why not take a look back at what you make and why? When did you last make something for yourself?  What will you be creating next?

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  1. Oh, till today I made probably only one thing for myself - and it was Peacock Eyes Cardigan. Now I have on my needles Casual Lace, but I only started and now my girls want something for them... again... and again ;-)