Sunday, August 18, 2013


Do you ever look back over your projects and admire your early work?

Elena and Jan were doing just that the last few days.  They had a good laugh at some of their past work - the crazily bad photos and then they saw all the seaming they used to do! Ugh!

Those ugly early projects were also some of their most loved and used items at the time!  Would they make them like that now? Not on your life...

Elena, Jan and most of you are now converted to the benefits of seamless knitting.  We love being able to knit our garments, weave in a few ends, block - maybe, and wear!

Take a look at our early pieces - then look back at yours - do you see the improvements? Both in your knitting ability and photography?  We certainly can!

Why not take a look back at your projects and see how your skills have improved too with each one?

Here are reminders of their early attempts....  With a recent photo to see the improvements!

We would love to see your comparisions in our Ravelry thread (click here).

December 2007 - Elena made 3 of these sweaters for her daughter and her friends because she loved them so much!

Maya's early modelling - or is it Elena's first photography sessions that need improving here?

August 2013.
Oh my! How Maya has grown!  She is quite the model now! 

Jan made this cardi for herself all the way back in 1984 - though it was her sister who ended up wearing it the most!
As if the cables weren't enough of a challenge, she then had to seam all the sections together too.
Go forward to 1995 and more cabled cardigans - this time on her own little boy.  Again each section had to be sewn together. 

Last weeks project - more cables on a hat and cowl for her sister.  She's still happy to pose for photos and still happy to wear handknits!


  1. Aw, this is a sweet ideea!

    I have some old pictures of my knitted items, I will make a blog post someday.

    1. Let us know when you do - we would love to see!