Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Casual Cardigan

Last spring I discovered a new knitting method, contiguous set-in sleeves, developed by Susie Myers. What an incredible technique it is! It opened a door to so many knitting ideas and possibilities for me!

A while back I had an idea for a unisex vest/cardigan.  The cardigan would have required short rows to create the shape I wanted it to be, not something a beginner knitter can attempt. Paired up with the contiguous set-in sleeves technique, the idea became a design that is beginner friendly and produces a gorgeous garment. This design is my Tomboy Cardigan.

The design was such a great success, and became loved by so many! I was getting numerous requests to up size this pattern into adult sizes. Frankly, I wanted this cardigan for myself as well. Thus the work started.

I contacted Classic Elite Yarns, and they loved the idea for the adult sized version of Tomboy Cardigan, My Casual Cardigan. The design is now available as a web- letter #240 from Classic Elite Yarns, please click on the name to see it.

 "My Casual Cardigan" is completely seamless and also uses contiguous set-in sleeves technique to shape shoulders and sleeves. The design features optional cable work that makes for very exciting knitting, and a wide cozy ribbed collar. This cardigan is so comfy, and is bound to become one of your favorite clothing pieces in no time!

Inca Alpaca was such a dream yarn to work with and so perfect for this project; the drape of the resulting fabric is ideal for the contiguous set-in sleeves. The fabric molds perfectly around your back, shoulders and arms. The cable work was a must on my list because the yarn gave me such great stitch definition, I had to use it!

I hope you will enjoy making your own cardigan as much as I did. I am looking forward to seeing  your projects!


  1. I must comment that this method was most certainly NOT invented by this person SusieM. Barbara Walker describes this method with about a dozen different variations in her book "Knitting Top Down" from 1972, and EZ herself used it for some of her designs after BW published her book.
    best wishes from Iceland

    1. It might appear to be like Barbara Walker's method, but it is not. If you take time and actually read the pattern, you will see that the technique is completely new and very unique.

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