Wednesday, April 6, 2011

...and more about spring....

Knitting has been my addiction for a while now, and my new addictions of late have been beautiful hand painted yarns.
I was so happy to find a fellow Canadian artist, Tanis, whose talent  cannot leave anyone untouched. Her yarn is very inspiring, and as a result I can't stop knitting. I have more ideas for this beautiful yarn than my hands can knit. Here is what I am using for my new creations - Tanis Fiber Arts.

It all started with an idea for playful girly shrugs, then the matching skirt seemed to be a must too. See for yourself. My girl is sure in love with her springy clothes.

I am also currently working on another rainbow skirt and a dress. So pretty, don't you think?

Oh...the possibilities! Stayed tuned.


  1. Oh I love the outfit, how wonderful to see orange in a beautiful colorway. I have to say those wools are just gorgeous.

  2. It´s very lovely yarn, and the best part I can get it in a Norwegian Webshop :0). I´m looking much forward to se what you will come out whith, for this yarn.

  3. The orange is so happy. A beautiful outfit.

  4. Beautiful colourways. What a happy stash of yarn!

  5. Hand painted yarns! Ooh, no wonder you can't resist. Gorgeous blog, by the way :-)

  6. I loveeeee that set the skirt and the little shrug like sweater I could see my two girls in both of them. LOVE the colors !!! I love all your patterns!