Friday, June 16, 2017


I am so heartbroken to say that Elena passed away the morning of June 13, 2017. She fought so hard. I wish there was more I could have done, we all tried to help her. I am unable to thank all of you enough for everything you have done for Elena and our family. She was so moved by your love and support. I will keep the campaign open for a short time to come for anyone who wishes to say or contribute anything. Your words have always uplifted her and I will always be thankful. In closing I would like so share with you a few words for Elena, my loving wife.

Dear Elena,

I love you. With you I was complete; two pieces of a puzzle perfectly matched and designed to fit together. Two people one person. You were everything to me; my entire world; my north south east and west. Though you were torn from me so early in our journey, I know I will always feel you beside me. The strength of the love we shared will last forever.

Our love gave birth to Maya. Shining above us for all time, and inspiring us to always strive for a better life. I see you in her, just as you saw me. We were a family; perfect and loving. In all the years to come I will be by her side, keeping her safe and giving all that I have to make her happy. I know that in all the years to come you will be by our side, helping me teach and love her. We will miss you. The life Maya and I live from this day forward will be a tribute to the tremendous person you were. We will always remember you. As Maya was a shining star above our life, so shall you be a shining star above ours, forever.

One of the greatest achievements of my life was helping you aspire to be such a great artist. We worked together, and side by side built something that was a testimony to our love and your talent. Such a great light you were in the knitting community. I was so proud of you. Your light shone on so many people, and so bright it was that it will keep shining for a long time to come. So many people will miss you. Yet, you leave behind so much to remember you by.

Goodbye my love. I shall feel your love every time the sun shines on me, and hear your voice every time the birds sing. Goodbye my love.



  1. Oh, God. I am so sorry. Rest in peace, Elena.

  2. I'm so sorry Peter. I can't imagine. Sending love to you and Maya as you pick up the pieces and make sense of the world again xx

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this, sad that you and Maya no longer have her with you. She can continue to be remembered by her beautiful patterns, hopefully they will remain available as a tribute to her and her amazing talents. My sympathy and my prayers.

  4. I have only just heard about the very sad loss of this lovely creative lady. My heartfelt sympathy goes to you, Peter, and to Maya. I hope by now the sharp pain of loss is easing and that you are able to enjoy many wonderful memories of her you will both have. And hopefully every now and again you'll see people wearing (or making) one of her creations and sense her living on through her art.

  5. I am so sorry, I just found out. She was one of my favorite designers ever. Beautiful and talented. I will knit one of her children patterns in her memory. Many hugs!