Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pattern Sale & Go Fund Me

 I am so heartbroken to say that Elena passed away the morning of June 13, 2017. She fought so hard. I wish there was more I could have done, we all tried to help her. I am unable to thank all of you enough for everything you have done for Elena and our family. She was so moved by your love and support. I will keep the campaign open for a short time to come for anyone who wishes to say or contribute anything. Your words have always uplifted her and I will always be thankful. In closing I would like so share with you a few words for Elena, my loving wife.

Dear Elena,

I love you. With you I was complete; two pieces of a puzzle perfectly matched and designed to fit together. Two people one person. You were everything to me; my entire world; my north south east and west. Though you were torn from me so early in our journey, I know I will always feel you beside me. The strength of the love we shared will last forever.

Our love gave birth to Maya. Shining above us for all time, and inspiring us to always strive for a better life. I see you in her, just as you saw me. We were a family; perfect and loving. In all the years to come I will be by her side, keeping her safe and giving all that I have to make her happy. I know that in all the years to come you will be by our side, helping me teach and love her. We will miss you. The life Maya and I live from this day forward will be a tribute to the tremendous person you were. We will always remember you. As Maya was a shining star above our life, so shall you be a shining star above ours, forever.

One of the greatest achievements of my life was helping you aspire to be such a great artist. We worked together, and side by side built something that was a testimony to our love and your talent. Such a great light you were in the knitting community. I was so proud of you. Your light shone on so many people, and so bright it was that it will keep shining for a long time to come. So many people will miss you. Yet, you leave behind so much to remember you by.

Goodbye my love. I shall feel your love every time the sun shines on me, and hear your voice every time the birds sing. Goodbye my love.


8th June 2017
Dear friends,

We want to share with you further progress. The last week of the first cycle of chemotherapy was really hard, and made Elena very sick. She just underwent the second cycle of chemo on June 6. She has now lost all her hair, but we keep on fighting. Hopefully this week will be a bit easier and give some respite.

We are still trying to be active, but as the chemo effects get stronger we spend increasing time in the backyard with the flowers and our dog. The fresh air and peaceful clean surroundings do wonders for her. Elena even attempts to knit occasionally while reclining. She very much loves seeing your projects, and she thanks you for being there and sharing. It helps to keep her part of the community.
Elena’s CT scan is scheduled for June 19. We’ll all be anxiously awaiting these results, and share them with you as soon as possible. We are also happy to share a couple pictures of Elena in the backyard receiving some of her favorite therapy.

Thank you again everyone for being there for us,

-Peter, Elena and Maya.


25th May 2017

Hello everyone,

We are now halfway through Elena's first chemotherapy treatment. She is loosing weight and becoming very weak, but we are doing all we can to keep her strength and spirits up. Light weight training and short walks are about all she can handle at the moment, yet the time outside with our dog makes her very happy. I'm attaching a photo from one of our recent walks.

Nausea is an occasional problem, but not as bad as we thought it was going to be, so Elena still has a pretty decent appetite. We are really trying to keep the cannabis oil and smoothie/juicing diet going in the hope that these will help tip the scales. Every day is different though, and she really tries her best to keep fighting. With luck the next CAT scan will reveal the cancer is responding to all the treatments. Praying. Once the results are in we will update again.

Elena is still trying to keep knitting. She is so happy while knitting and surrounded by yarn. I am doing all I can to keep her happy and healthy as possible. Every time she smiles I forget about our troubles for a moment.

Thank you again everyone for the support and heartfelt comments. Elena gains strength every time we sit and read all the wonderful things you all have to say.

-Peter, Elena and Maya. 


8th May 2017 (update)

Hello everyone,

Elena is much happier at home with family and friends, not to mention the clean air and lots of trees. I really hope this environment greatly contributes to her recovery. We are managing her pain quite well, but there are still good days and bad days. I never leave her side and always try to be positive. Even though she is getting a bit weaker and now requires a walker, we still go for short walks nearly every day which always lifts her spirits. Plus we take our dog with us on walks and seeing her roll in the grass makes Elena laugh. 

We have been waiting until we spoke to our chemotherapist until sending you another update. Elena’s kidneys are now doing well enough to start chemotherapy on May 12. We are prepared for the side effects and hope that the treatment will be helpful. Three weeks after treatment there will be a CAT scan to start determining if the chemo is working. Elena has also started cannabis oil treatment (8 days now) and is attempting a diet which should help her overall health and fight the cancer. Combining chemotherapy, cannabis oil and a very healthy diet is the best strategy we could come up with. All hopes and prayers lie with this now. 

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for Elena and our family. Even though this is such a difficult time we are truly blessed to have so many of you care for Elena. Thank you with all my heart. 

-Peter, Elena and Maya. 


24th April 2017 (Update 3)
Elena NodelThank you everyone for with your help we have surpassed the halfway mark in our campaign. Elena's kidneys are slowly recovering. She is starting to feel better. Tonight may be her last night in the ICU, and hopefully the hospital will release her soon after. I continue to read your comments to her daily, for they truly encourage her to keep fighting. I would like to show you the most recent picture of Elena so you all can see the great improvement.


22nd April 2017 (2nd update)

Thank you so much everyone for your love and support. Your donations could not be more timely. The cancer proved to be more aggressive than expected, and has grown so much it blocked kidney drainage and damaged Elena's bladder. 

My wife was rushed to emergency surgery with less than 5% kidney function. Surgery happened yesterday and was successful in bypassing the blockage so her kidneys can drain properly. Elena is currently recovering in the ICU. We hope by early next week her kidneys will have recovered enough to proceed with chemotherapy as planned. 

Once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. It lightens our spirits to know that we are not alone in this situation.

-Peter, Elena and Maya

21st April 2017 (Update)
Elena is in the hospital after emergency visit - she will be headed to surgery today to restore her kidney function. Good thoughts and prayers are much appreciated. She is very thankful for the support - she is unable to get online and respond to everyone but please know that Elena, her family and friends - are all very thankful for the outpouring of the support for her!


20th April 2017
Hello everyone! I am reposting this here to raise awareness. Please consider helping Elena out!

As many know, ( Elena Nodel aka Anadiomena ) has been battling cancer for the past year and her situation is much more serious than anticipated, she has been given a year to live. She is facing another treatment that may be her only hope.

Elena is a very well known member of the knitting community - her magical and inventive designs have been knit by many knitters around the globe! Please consider helping her and her family either by purchasing her patterns or donating to her via GoFundMe here.

She is running a sale - all her self published designs are currently 50% off via Ravelry, (no code required). Her shop is here. The sale ends on May 5th 2017.

We would also love to see you joining in with the Colour Adventures KAL taking place until the end of May 2017 on Ravelry.

Thank you!


  1. sending love and healing from Alberta. I am in remission from breast cancer, and know just how much a diagnoses impacts the entire family, especially our young children <3

  2. Sending all my love and wishes for immediate full recovery. I'm sending wishes on behalf of a group of knitters in Brazil.

  3. I'm new to knitting and love it. I discovered your patterns in Ravelry and decided to give one a try. I'm in love with your patterns and your style. It is disheartening to learn of your illness, but so glad to have come to know you. Well wishes coming your way from us here in US (South Carolina). You are loved and appreciated by many. Much love...Chelin Fusco & Family.

  4. Леночка, мир опустел без тебя....

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