Wednesday, July 17, 2013


What do you think of the sneak peeks of upcoming designs above?  Interesting, yes?

Well I think it is time for a little update about what is happening in my creative corner.

I have been quite a secret squirrel lately working on new patterns and ebooks.

There will be 5 kids designs published sometimes towards the end of this year or beginning of next one. We are all super excited to show you what they are, but have to keep it under wraps until all of them go live.

I have submitted 2 more designs to another publisher and if accepted, they will be published sometimes in Sept. But in any case they will go live then as a publication or as my own release as they are so perfect to start your Fall and gift knitting.

There will be a new girly ebook coming out in September as well, so very perfect for back to school and has everything your girls will need to look stylish.

I am finishing last design for the Spice Girls 2 ebook. It will go live Sept-Oct as well.

There will be a new design release for the ebooks Touch of Magic and for Just For Me!  also in Sept - Oct.

I also have new designs lined up for Spice Girls 3. What do you think?  Would your girls like to have some more new knits?

Time permitting, I will launch a new design for a boy's ebook also in September.

Plus there will be couple more new designs so perfect for summer coming out July-Aug.

Currently we have a few hundred of you joining in with our Mystery KAL on our Ravelry Forum, those designs will be available in their complete form at the start of August.

Also the copyrights for Nala, Fiona, Aurora are reverting back to me in August. In order to republish them, I will need to reknit them. And while I am at it, I will add additional sizes as per my usual range!

We can't wait to show all of this to you!


  1. Было бы здорово увидеть новые дизайны для мальчиков!!!!Елена, ваши дизайны великолепны!!

  2. Elena I cannot wait!!! Those pics are such teasers!

  3. Sound so exciting.Can't wait to get my needles on