Friday, September 7, 2012

KAL - Featured Project - Yacht Club Skirt by Deidre 

We are less than one week into the KAL for Wild Vanilla and Yacht Club Skirt and there are already over 50 projects linked to the KAL.

One of the first people to finish their project for the September KAL is Deidre who lives in Hungary. 

Deidre is originally from Alaska, but for the last 10 years or so has lived in Budapest, Hungary. Deidre has a three year old daughter whose dad is also Hungarian. Deidre was taught by her grandmother the basics of knitting when she was 7 years old, but didn't keep it up.

For several years Deidre enjoyed crochet and would make a blanket for every new baby she heard about,  but she always felt envious of the knitted clothing other people made. She feels she really learnt to knit when visiting France two years ago with a friend. They enjoyed sitting in the evenings chatting and knitting together.  During the trip to France they both made Little Sister dresses.  She thinks the key to her success that time, was that she was making something she was actually excited about rather than just a swatch or a simple scarf.  Using her own choice of yarn also increased her enjoyment of the garment. Until then she had no idea the pleasure a quality yarn with interesting colors could add to a project. Nowadays Deidre's Grandmother (92) spends all her time knitting and when they get together with her aunts and brother they all enjoy seeing and talking about each others projects, even Deidre's mom who preferred other hobbies, is now joining in by making a blanket for her next grandchild!

And now Deidre tells us in her own words her reasons for joining in the KAL for Yacht Club Skirt over at Anadiomena's Knitting Adventures:
"The colors are left over from my other very bright skirt, the fancy guppy (left) I made this spring.  The colors remind me of the 1980's when everything was neon and I wore slouchy neon socks one over the other.  Haha!   I am attracted to the A-line of the Fancy Guppy Skirt, but it is clear that my 3 year old appreciates the twirliness of something like the Yacht Club Skirt. I still haven’t put the elastic in the skirt, but every morning Szonja asks me if it is finished yet.  I think it would make a great party skirt, but really every day is an occasion for a 3 year old to dress up, right?
I have promised myself that no matter what clothes she has on I will not get upset about messes or mud or anything else on the clothes. She will wear them for such a short time anyway. Though, to be honest, if tomato soup is on the menu at nursery she will probably not be wearing this skirt…
I really love doing KALs - I am not very good at finishing projects, and really they are the perfect motivation for me to really get it all done, even down to taking photos. Also, more experienced knitters give lots of peeks into their process of knitting which really helps me learn. I also love the back and forth with the actual designer of the item. Knitting is great because I can make something with my own hands - it is even better to feel a relationship with the designer of a pattern like we do during one of Elena's KALs!"
 Thank you Deidre for telling us about yourself and allowing us to share your beautiful Yacht Club Skirt with everyone!

We hope hearing about Deidre and her projects will inspire you to come on over to Anadiomena's Knitting Adventures at and join in the September KAL too!

What colours will your Wild Vanilla or Yacht Club Skirt be..... and remember there are prizes of some squishy loveliness from Colour Adventures Yarns!

Reminder:  The Verdant Gryphon has a yarn promotion for the month of September 2012 linked to Wild Vanilla.  Everyone who has purchased Wild Vanilla will receive a code to get 20% discount off 2 or more regular priced skeins of Traveller in her webshop, the code is valid until September 30th 2012.

Yacht Club Skirt is $5 CAD  , Back to the Sea Ebook is $18.00 CAD

Wild Vanilla is $6.00 CAD , Spice Girls 2 Ebook is  $18.00 CAD

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