Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to the Sea update: Part 3

I was delaying posting here for a few reasons, but with all the questions flying my way I think I should let you know what is happening with my designing and my MEGA project.

Real Life has kept me very busy for the last month. I was  moving my 90 year old uncle to a nursing home, and my whole month of August was taken up with all kinds of arrangements, packing, moving, you name it. Hence my writing and correspondence were kept to a bare minimum.

Now I am starting to pick up where I left off.

Here is what has been happening......

My skirt has pretty much gone through a full round of testing in wool and cotton (both in dk=8-ply and worsted=10-ply weight yarn). I am just waiting on a couple of sizes to be reported back to me, and then the pattern is a go. I am posting the latest pictures for your review. The final sizes are newborn-14 year old.

Pants require a bit more testing, and are a bit behind. The pattern is all typed up and ready, but i am waiting to get a report back on all my sizes, which are newborn-12 year old.

Now I have to decide on how I want to organize my pattern releases. The ideal way would be to publish all my tops and bottoms as one ebook...ideal, but I don't think I would be forgiven for withholding tested items that long. So my skirt and pants will go up as soon as i get all the info I need. I am hoping that it won't be much latter than first few days in October, 2010.

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  1. Those pants are perfect!
    Hooray, I will be buying them for sure!