Friday, June 18, 2010

Looking for test knitters

Call for testing is closed.

 Wow! Thank you everyone for getting back to me so  promptly. I have received an overwhelming number of replies, and as a result all the testing spots have been filled for both patterns.

Lots of love,


I am currently looking for test knitters for the following designs shown bellow. The are part1 and part2 of a 3 design series called "Ooh la la Girl". Both are knitted from soft cotton fingering weight yarn (Mandarin Petite).

Pink top:I still need testers for size 5-6 and 7-8
Dress: testers for all sizes are needed.

If you would like to become a test knitter for my new and upcoming designs, please inquire at

Here is what I expect:

1. Discretion and respect for my work;
2. To be available to test knit the garment within 3-4 weeks upon the pattern receipt;
3. To give me feedback: good and bad;
4. Consult with me about your yarn choices. I do not want to dictate which yarn to use, but I want to make sure that the yarn is suitable for the project.
5. I am looking for testers of all levels from beginner knitters to advanced, however I would still like to see your work before I mail you the pattern (your Ravelry project page will be a great way to showcase your work).
6. Send me pics of your work, and share your project on

Here is what you will get in return:

1. My everlasting love and gratitude;
2. Acknowledgments;
3. You will be the first to see and knit the pattern.
4. You will receive a complete pattern from me regardless whether it is a paid pattern or free.


  1. I would love to be a test knitter! I'll email you! I've got 3 girls ages 1 month to 4 years old! And a son who is 5. I can test knit the shirt 5-6 and multiple sizes of the dress ;) My name on Ravelry is Alohaknit. I have a few projects highlighted though I've completed many more than that. I do still consider myself a beginner, or maybe an intermediate. I've mostly done hats, sweaters, soakers, skirts, shorties and longies. Let me know if you are interested!

  2. Добрый день! А русскоговорящих тестеров вы набираете?) С удовольствием бы поучаствовала. Правда у меня дочка полутора лет всего. Планировала вязать ваше второе платье ей на осень. Если ответ будет положительный - отпишусь на почту) Спасибо за отличные модельки)!!

  3. I sent you an e-mail the other be a test knitter for any of the size dresses...SO adorable!

  4. Таня,

    Я только что заметила ваше послание. Отправьте мне пожалуйста ваш емайл, чтоб я смогла с вами связаться. Русским тестерам только всегда рада!

  5. Oh, I'm sorry I missed this! Please keep me in mind for next time :-)