Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hubby's sweater

I frogged the sweater. Not because i followed the bad pattern, but because i had it in wip for so long (1 year!!!) that i just lost any interest in it. I will be making something else with the yarn. Keeping those notes here just in case i might revisit this pattern at some distant or not future.

I am knitting the Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater for my hubby.

Work in progress...
Yeah...i am finally making him one.....i suppose he deserves it.


10 balls of Northampton yarn from Valley yarns
4 mm and 4.5 mm needles.
Stitch markers.


I got 90 sts as total neck stitches.
However my hubby doesn't want a neck line to be too high, so i made it 100 sts instead.
The worksheet for casting stitches is in the link i provided above, but here is how mine worked out to be:

Back sts: 33
Sleeve sts: 8
Front sts: 43
Right front and left front: 11 sts each
Center front:22 (i did 20)
The neck was cast on in this order, using the larger needles:
  • 1 stitch (to build the right side of the neck front)
  • Marker A
  • 1 stitch (increase stitch)
  • Marker B
  • Sleeve-stitches: 8 + 2 increase stitches = 10
  • Marker B
  • Back-stitches:33 + 2 increase stitches = 35
  • Marker B
  • Sleeve-stitches:8 + 2 increase stitches = 10
  • Marker B
  • 1 stitch (increase stitch)
  • Marker A
  • 1 stitch (to build the left side of the neck front)

Working back and forth, increase before and after each B marker on every right side row. At the same time, increase at the beginning and end of every right side row until all the right-front and left-front neck stitches are added. The center-front stitches are then cast on all at once, completing the circle.

Join in the round.
Continue working on increases till there are ~125, 100, 135, 100 sts
I am still working to get my increases there , 2/3 done

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